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Bike Safety Device

"SSS Techno Guard" Introduces the latest in safety of your bike i.e. "SSS Techno Guard" BIKE GUARD which is a 100 % safety device for your Bikes. It is an Ideal Instrument to protect your bike from theft, lifting & mishandling. Before "SSS Techno Guard" you had no direct solution to protect the two wheelers, and the protection of the two wheelers was always been a part of great worry & pain for the owners, but now we had hundred percent solution of this problem i.e. now we have "SSS Techno Guard" BIKE GUARD the only one of its kind in India.

"SSS Techno Guard" BIKE GUARD is typically designed foolproof safety device for the total protection of your two wheelers, it's working is very simple (secret) just switch on the special key given with the system & lock the scooter, now if any unauthorized person tries to take your tow wheeler & kick the scooter, the system immediately gets activated and gives out loud siren continuously, also it will isolate the ignition system & the engine can't be started with any key & the vehicle will remain in stand still position.

What is the difference between other Bike guard and electro guard bike guard? Basic difference between other Bike Guard and SSS Techno Guard Bike guard is, Other security device works on siren signal only. Where in SSS Techno Guard bike guard works siren signal and also ignition locked.

SSS Techno Guard bike guard not only gives siren signal for unauthorized start of your Bike & Scooter but also chock up your Bike & Scooters engine, so that nobody can Start your Bike & Scooter, it will also not start from your own key until and unless you have not switched off the system with his own key...

Technical Specification :

  • Very compact in size and light in weight.
  • Can be fitted in any two wheeler.
  • Can be fitted as per the wiring diagram at any convenient place in two wheeler.
  • No harm to vehicle functioning.
  • Can be fitted by any experienced wireman of the vehicle.
  • Diagram as under.
  • Two Month Warranty.
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