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EPS Hybrid Touch Pad System

The DWC-100 is a Door/Window contact that can be installed on doors, windows, and any other objects that open and close. The sensor transmits signals to the control planel when a magnet mounted near the sensor is moved away. External input for wired accessory is available at the N/C interface. The tamper protection ensures that sabotage attempts to move the contact with result in an alarm activation. It consists of digital dual-core fuzzy logic infrared control chip and intelligent analysis which effectively signals and reduce fales alarm rate. With automatic temperature compensation and anti-air turbulence technology, it easily adapts to environmental changes. The detector also has the advantages of energy saving, reliability and easy installation.

Features :

  • ARM + Auror CPU
  • Support 10 remote controls, 50 wireless sensors and 50 RFID tags
  • Built-in 1000000 RF codes combination maintains high reliability
  • Cellular communicator, simple operation
  • Store 5 phone numbers, 1 speed-dial number, and 1 REID SMS notification number
  • Exit and entry delay
  • SMS alert for low battery of two-way accessories
  • Arm and disarm the system by SMS or free phone call
  • Remote monitoring site vai phone
  • Built-in loud speaker for siren and two-way talking
  • Built-in two pieces of 800mAh lithium batteries enable 5-hour standby
  • SMS alerts for power failure, power recovery and low battery
  • 850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM frequency, applicable for universal

Technical Specification :

  • Product Name : GSM/SMS/RFID Security Alarm System
  • Control panel's power supply : Input AC110-240V/ 50-60Hz , Output: DC 12V/500mA
  • GSM working frequency : 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • Standby current : 110mA
  • Alarm Current : 340mA
  • Internal Batter backup : Lithium Battery : 3.7V/800mAh x 2 PCS (BL-5B)
  • Internal Siren : 90dB
  • Radio Frequency : 315MHz/433MHz (+75KHz)
  • One year Guarantee
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