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Smart Siren PIR GSM HFS

SSS Techno Guard Smart Siren PIR GSM HFS Model is a wireless curtain PIR Detector. Designed with advance technology in signal processing, it provides super high detection ability with guaranteed stability of the product. When an intruder enters your premises from any ware whether it's from breaking the shutter, breaking the side walls or breaking the sealing and meanwhile passes through the detected area, or some fire occurs in your premises, it will detect the movements and fire, send out alarm signal to alarm the host. The system is connected to the GSM network and so you will get immediate information on your mobile.

Technical Specification :

  • Features : Easy to setup alarm phone number and sending sound message to your phone. Offers repeated phone alarm till the customer picks the phone Suitable for banks, jewellery showrooms, cottages, house, shops, garages, go downs, etc.
  • Technical parameters : Detecting distance 2m, 4m, 9m
  • Detecting angle horizontal 110' vertical 60 Wireless receiving
  • Distance :--- no obstacle 35m
  • Working voltage :--- dc 9v Sound output 110db
  • Battery life :--- 12 months
  • Alarm indicator :--- blue led GSM network
  • Indicator :--- red led Battery
  • Indicator :--- green led Operating
  • Temperature :--- -10'c ~~ +50'c
  • Highly steady intelligent Wireless PIR detector with advance high infrared detector. MCU processing and SMT technical design to assure high EMI/RFI immunity, high sensitivity and steadiness.
  • A user friendly Operation of arming/disarming through keypad panel.
  • There is 15 seconds set alarm entry delay so that user can enter, disarms the keypad, not just taking with remote control.
  • Alarm is priority in the system when the phone is picked up.
  • The system communicates with the alarm detectors through wireless link in case of- unwanted human entry, infrared/balusters, smoke, fire and heavy vibration.
  • This system supports GSM band and there is no need of fixed telephone line. The system works best for Banks, Jewelry Showrooms, Cottages, House, Shops, Garages, Godowns, etc. where GSM network is present.
  • Easy to setup alarm phone number and sending sound massage to your phone.
  • Has on site high volume siren and also sends siren alarm through phone when during crisis. The system gives repeated phone alarm continues 15 minutes for 20 cycles upto overall 3 Hours incessantly and at the same time you also receive alarm call on your mobile with continuous redialing.
  • One year Guarantee / One year Warranty
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