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Door Siren non GSM

A forced entry through a glass window breakage or a door breakage into the tenements, villas, flats and showrooms is a common phenomenon in the Indian cities during theft, loot, robbery and riots. Protection of shops, go-downs etc. has always been a point of great worries & pain for the owners. People should realize now depending entirely on the security guards is not a good idea.

However, now you have a hundred percent solutions to this problem with "SSS Techno Guard GSM DOOR SIREN" at your service, the only one of its kind in India. SSS Techno Guard Door Siren is a unique security system with an advanced technology for protection to shops / offices / factories from intruders and burglars for 24x7. The powerful siren makes loud sound when the doors or windows opens even by few inches. And that's why you can really "Trust It." It can help you sleep better at night knowing your property is safe.


Whenever there is an unauthorized entry where the intruder opens the door even by few inches into your premises such as offices, bungalows, flats, home, go downs etc., the SSS Techno Guard Door Siren gets activated and buzzes siren.

SSS Techno Guard has a trouble free installation and can be fitted on any type of doors & windows. The system is fitted in two parts. One main unit on the upper portion of the main door and the other one, the Magnetic Sensor, is fitted on the frame of the door with screws or clamps. The distance between Main unit and Magnetic Sensor should be minimum 5 mm. and not more than that. While going outside, keys should be taken out and the system should be kept ON. Check the battery indicator for green light which shows that system is in full working condition. Now lock the door within 15 seconds of your leaving of your premises. In case of any unauthorized entry, that is breaking of the door or opening it even by a few inches, this system will get self-activated and will start buzzing the siren continuously for 15 minutes for 20 cycles upto overall 3 Hours incessantly.

Technical Specification :

  • It can be fitted on any type of shutters
  • No Electric wiring required
  • Easy to operate with very low maintenance
  • 30.6 cm Length 10.3 cm width 3 cm Height
  • Weight 1.5 kg with packing
  • 110 dB Sound
  • YP Speaker, 3 Watts. 4 Ohms
  • Special double locking System
  • Components : a) Resistance Philips/Keltron b) Capacitors - Keltron c) I.C Motorola/National/ Hitachi d) Transistors Philips / Keltron
  • Printed Circuit Board Paper Phinolic /Glass epoxy with Green masking Conductive thickness of tracks 35 Microns.
  • 4 Nos. of 9 Volts. "Batteries".
  • Fitted with Brass Screws.
  • Installed with Chrome platted washers and Nut Bolts.
  • Zinc Platted Plunger of 5cms Length.
  • Rugged metal body with powder coating
  • 15 seconds entry delay facility for the entry,
  • Negligible power consumption.
  • Temper proof system with safety lock.
  • Exclusive design for Shutters.
  • For Other Shutter in the same premises shutter extension is available
  • Cost effective-priceless yet thoughtfully priced.
  • Easy operation.
  • One year Guarantee / One year Warranty
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