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Hand Baton with Electric Shock

"SSS Techno Guard" SAFETY HAND BATON can very much useful for Police Department, Security Department, Personal Security etc. Security Person / Police Person carries this shock stick. They can use this system to split mob, against any thief or riots in case of face to face conflicted just have to push the button on the handle and touch any parts of the body of the other person, a heavy current will flow on the stick and the other person/intruder will get heavy shock and will disburse.

Technical Specification :

  • Operating voltage - 9v
  • Operating current - 220a
  • Output voltage - 150v ac
  • Output current - 15ma
  • Waveform - sine wave
  • Made with high quality
  • Resin pvc material
  • Handle is made from shock material, Light weight.
  • Easy to hang on the shoulder or waist
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to replace the battery
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